Who we are

Air Anka, one of the newest airlines established in Turkiye received its AOC on 2nd.August.2022. The unique and modern fleet of 3 units of Airbus A330 series allows Air Anka to perform long haul flights with mass transport solutions. The long haul operational capacity of Air Anka is strengthen with its ETOPS certification.

The main goal of Air Anka is to serve the charter and wet-lease market in aviation industry with the utmost safety with enhanced service quality.

Air Anka is a strong nominee to lead the touristic charter operation based in Turkey to various destinations such as Europe, Africa, Far East, Middle East and Americas. The vast total seat capacity of above 1000 on its current fleet provides a mass transportation solution with a competitive pricing formula to the leading tour operators around the globe.


Air Anka has the objective of being a leader and an innovative organization as a role model for Turkish Civil Aviation by putting service quality, flight safety and training at utmost importance and being a pioneer airlines organization in all areas it provides service


The major objective of Air Anka is to be a pioneer of innovation in the aviation industry. The main goal of Air Anka’s existence is to provide safe, reliable, on time and economic flights.