Before Boarding

Passengers are not allowed to carry liquids in their cabin baggage other than those contained in individual containers of a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent (100 g / 3 oz) packed in a transparent, open, resealable plastic bag and closed again, of a capacity not exceeding 1 liter (per passenger).

For reference the bag cannot exceed the dimensions of 19 cm X 20 cm.

The articles should fit comfortably inside the bag, so that it can be easily closed and allow the visualization and identification of its contents.

Liquids are understood to mean:

Water and other beverages, soups and syrups;
Gel, including hair gel;
Toothpaste, including liquid toothpastes;
Other articles of similar consistency;
Lotions, including perfumes and beard creams;
Aerosols and other pressure vessels.

Necessary liquids for the whole trip *, which are intended for medical purposes, with medical prescription and proof of the authenticity of the liquid object of exemption;
Liquids necessary for the whole trip *, aimed at satisfying a special dietary need, by medical certificate;
Baby food;
* Necessary for consumption during flights and stay.

When requested, the passenger must provide or prove the authenticity of the liquid object of exemption, by gustatory or epidermal evidence.


Although no special declaration is required for the transport of injectable medicines, the passenger is advised to provide accompanying documents, such as a medical statement or any other appropriate document attesting to the need for LAG (liquids, aerosols and gels) during the journey, in order to facilitate and make security control faster.

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Note: These restrictions shall not apply to liquids purchased and packed in tamper-evident bags in stores located beyond the boarding pass control point or on board an aircraft of a European Union Airline.

However, tamper-proof bags shall never be opened before safety screening points and shall, where possible, be kept closed and tamper-proof to the final destination.

These measures do not apply to baggage presented at check-in counters in order to be checked in as hold baggage.


The overcoats and coats of the passengers will be controlled separately from the cabin luggage.

Portable computers and other large electronic devices must be previously removed from cabin baggage prior to screening and screened separately.

Passenger Recommendations

Avoid carrying liquids in cabin luggage;
At the screening points and before the X-ray machine, present all the liquids it carries to the safety elements on site;
Require that any liquid purchased beyond the boarding pass control point or on board an aircraft of a European Airline is preferably separated from other items which it acquires at the same time in a tamper-proof bag together with the proof of purchase;
Do not open the tamper-evident bag to the final destination of the trip, especially when making transfer flights, otherwise the liquids may be confiscated at another screening point.