Lagguage Recommendation

The luggage must always be duly identified, with your name and at least with your phone (if possible, the mobile phone).

For greater security, we suggest that you put information with your data inside each bag sent to the hold.

    • Fragile, perishable items, values ??or documents should not be carried as checked baggage.
  • It must not exceed the capacity of the luggage, respecting its limit.
  • When you check your baggage, you must check that the proof corresponds to the destination you want.
  • When collecting your luggage upon arrival, you must make sure that the sticker number corresponds to the proof number.
  • Complaints about irregularities with baggage must be immediately notified to Air Anka employees upon the collection or verification of loss, before leaving the baggage allowance.
  • For your own safety, Air Anka advises: Do not transport volumes from third parties without knowing their contents.