One of the core proficiencies of Air Anka is to lease an aircraft on Wet Lease & ACMI (Aircraft, Crews, Maintenance, Insurance) basis to other airlines needing extra capacity either for a short- or long-term period. Our aim is to be the first choice for any other airline requiring such capacity. The current industry trend of outsourcing where possible is allowing Air Anka to carve out a niche in a highly competitive marketplace. Aircraft can be painted in any livery; cabin crews can operate in mix versions and cabins can be configured as per the demand of potential clients. Air Anka will study all the operational aspects that an airline might encounter and tailor the aircraft to provide the best solution in short notice. Lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs make our Airbus A330 fleet a more economical choice than other aircraft types with comparable payload and range. Our ACMI solutions will allow you to efficiently scale your business based on your air transportation needs and capacity.


With the modern fleet of Airbus series, Air Anka is aiming to join the most reliable airline list in the charter market. Our commitment to keep a very high dispatch reliability with the utmost safety, and to serve with the maximum comfort to our passengers started to bring Air Anka as a choice in the tour operators’ community. Refined and tailored service policy as per the client demands starting from buy-on board services up to first class service concepts including VIP service procedures already increased the demand to Air Anka. Our strong track record since our maiden flight allowed us to operate charter flights in a very wide spectrum starting from Pilgrimage flights to VIP Charters. Our boutique approach to each tour operator and tailor-made concepts created an innovative environment for our clients.